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A special weekend

The last weekend was all about nature. We escaped in deep forests, just 1 hour’s drive from our house, to spend two days snowshoeing and enjoying time in the chalet. This might seem a bit clichéd, but it’s a trip that I wanted to do for long. After arriving at the national park “Parc National d’Aiguebelle” we immediately followed the 6 km path to the chalet. We have came just 200 m, as in the middle of the path, fallen trees blocked our way. Those trees couldn’t resist the heavy weight of the wet snow and ice. We didn’t have any other choice, to either crawl over or under several tree trunks, hoping that these annonying complications could soon be over. Far from it! It continued that way and took all our breath and energy.  Not forget to mention, that we both had to carry big backpacks. Walking through deep snow has not made the situation any easier. Anyway, we knew it would be worth it and we recognized it all the time: We strived through breathtaking landscapes, observed local plants and trees …

Nature and wildlife

From north to south, the region is a prefered habitat for the wildlife resources, inlcuding the moose, the North American beaver, the Grey wolf, the Canada lynx, the American black bear and lots of trout in the fish-rich waters. The region is great a setting for outdoor activities and sports, like fishing, hiking or canoeing.