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Beach please!

After a long winter, I decided to leave the the canadian forests for a while. I can’t wait to rest on the beach lying in the sun, reading and relaxing. I’m ready to throw my big winter boots in the corner to exchange them for Flip-Flops.

Ready to get wild

In couple of hours, we will make our way into the forest. We plan to spend the week-end in a small chalet, at the Parc National d’Aiguebelle. It’s a 1-hour drive to the entrance of the national parc. From there,  we will follow a 2-hour snowshoe trail, heading north along the lake. I can’t wait to feel the tranquility in the woods, and the cosy crackling of wood fire, that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, I wonder, what I should pack for couple of days in wilderness. Well, I would take my warmest clothes for outdoor activities, cooking equipment, headphones and my book. Of course, food is important too! So let’s try the “original” canadian Wiener Würstl :)) Bye for now…you will find me in the woods!