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On wildflowers and blueberries

My summer days and nights have became kind of a routine now. Here in this little city,  we found joy in an more easy-going lifestyle. Often, we spend time in the forest for climbing and to meet our small friends…


Our climbing spot at Mt. Kekeko, just 10 minutes from our house.

Here, I always feel like a small human being in the midst of thick forest. Among the green hills surrounded by nature and an absolute stillness, I am not only living in but also with the nature. Within two hours in the forest we saw marmots eating blueberries, rabbits running in front of our pathway, squirrels stealing some left-over food, whirring hummingbirds in front of our faces, frogs and woodpeckers… we even had two bear cncounters so far. Luckily not really dangerous, because we stayed in our car.

But not only the wildlife fascinates me. The plants and trees are dominating the scene and  by walking through the forest,  I discovered something really sweet: Wildberries! Strawberries, Rasperries, Blueberries.. all on the way, ready to eat. Of course, I enjoy those days in the forest, even if I realize at home that I scratch 20 new mosquito bites more. The mosquitos are our evils here and before we go to the woods, we spray our bodys allover with those toxic woodsmen Repellent.

The Shinleaf plant contains a drug, that is siminal to Aspirin. This plant has a really sweet smell, similar to Jasmin flowers.

My summer days are also filled with a life on the lakes. Here I have about 200 hundred lakes to choose frome.. so where to start? All of them are totally wild and sometimes not easy to access. Luckily we know some cool locals here, who invited us to their chalet on the lake, to have boatrides, woodfire bbq and simply having a relaxed time.

As much as I love the peaceful life here, I’m happy soon to hit the road again through the Rocky Mountains. I do miss the mountains a lot and I can’t wait to hike, climb and to enjoy the nature.



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