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A new decade

Now, I am 30! I can’t believe another whole decade has passed and I think back about the stuff that happend in my 20’s: Changing jobs, travelling, relationship ups and downs, moving appartments and cities, party nights, first wrinkles ;-)…
Somehow it was hectic and some situations really freaked me out, but I always listened to my heart to make decisions.

By the end of my 20’s I figured out which profession suits me and the place I will feel happy to live in the future. I believed in love to have a strong relationship in the future. I feel also grateful for many things: The fact that family and my friends were always around me, was terrific. Generally I felt in good health and  I made some of my dreams come true, whether it is a travel to the souks of Morocco, to the glaciers in Iceland or Asia for the first time. I appreciate to learn to (almost) speak fluently French and to follow my creative vision to develop a whole website from the beginning to the end.

I want to say “Thank You” to my family and friends who made my 20s a really special, because of their kindness, their honesty and love. I can’t be more grateful about that. Thank you for making my birthday a special day, with letters, messages and cute gifts! I hope you will be around in my next decades.

My 30s Birthday

One thing is certain: future is as deep and unknown as the ocean, but knowing a little bit more what I want to do, with who I want to be and where I want to stay, feels really good now! Although I’m sure that everything will come to its place, I will stay “foolish and hungry” for trying out new things and exploring places around the world. Cheers to a new phase of life!



  1. Anke says

    Alles Gute! Ich hoffe du hattest einen wunderbaren Tag. Auf dass deine 30er genauso aufregend werden!!


  2. Eva says

    Oh man! bin ich vielleicht ein Honk, dass ich deinen Geburtstag verpennt habe! Nachträglich wünsch ich dir für die kommenden 30 und mehr Jahre eine erfüllte und erfolgreiche Zeit! Bleib bitte immer so toll wie du bist liebe Martina. Kisses, Eva


    • Martina says

      Hi Eva!!
      Vielen Dank! Ist doch kein Problem und ich freu mich auch über verspätete Glückwünsche 🙂 Bis Bald


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