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5 weeks and 4.000 km later…

I am back in town! The eventful days of May had just flown by, but the memories will last for a while. The last month was quite special. Not only, it marked the halftime of my time in Canada, but also it felt like a total contrast to the previous three month in winter.

I got lucky to have spent the last 5 weeks on the road, from the mexican beach, heading south the coast of Orange County to the Mojave desert, from the  Santa Monica hills to the lakes of rural Québec. Overall, I felt like a nomad and every day had his own attraction.

I kickstarted the days of May with a little getaway to Mexico. I left my homebase in Canada at minus 15 degrees and still snow on the roads, ready to leave the coldness behind me.


Sunset in Laguna Beach

After Mexico I continued my defrost-program in sunny California, while my man had to do some business preparations for our return to Germany, in late September.

Although, I will write more about California in another post, I try to summerize my memories:
The smell of ripe strawberries, salty air in my hair, crazy traffic around Los Angeles, dry earth and drought, amazing sunsets, loooong distances, superb wine, artisan craft, sandstorms, rain in the desert, a major police operation in our hotel, me against my motorbike fears, (broken)Hollywood-actors are also just humans and.. Big Sur!

L.A. = traffic

Well, I guess, I got the full Californication package. I left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was stunned by all the different landscapes that California offers, but on the other hand I was overwhelmed by the L.A. traffic. Getting from one place to the other can take you hours. I guess I was just overstrained, because I barely get to see any traffic jam here in my remote forest-bubble 😉

Month of mosquitos

Back home in Canada, I immediately welcomed some good friends from Germany. We enjoyed a whirlwind trip together to Québec City and to the chalet in Mauricie. Squeezed in our car, we GetAttachment2had a lot of fun, not only on the road.
But the Mosquitos drove us crazy. Did I tell, that May is probably the worst month to spend some time on lakes??? Thousands.. no wait millions of newborn mosquites are in the hunt for fresh blood to make us itching the whole time.

Welcoming my favourite month June

I realized  that being away from home fro 5 weeks, is quite a long time. The snow melted away, the grass is green and the house is stained with dust.
What else happened the last 5 weeks? Well, I’m super happy that I passed my MOOC study course and received a certificate. I also received my membership for the Québec Climbing Federation, because I finished the first part of the climbing introduction. One thing is still missing and I can’t believe it: My working visa. At least, I received a “Conditional Acceptance Letter”, which is the last step to the visa agreement. Hopefully I won’t get it just the week before leaving Canada.

What’s next?

Well, I guess I have to make this place and myself summer-ready. I started looking for summer jobs and handed my CV to some places. Still, I have to wait for my visa. During this time, I will continue my yoga classes, maybe volunteering somewhere and finally: Climbing the walls of Mount Kekeko outside!!!
I’m also starting to plan for our next trip to Alberta in July. We have 2 weeks, and yes, I really hope, we can do this trip. I never have been to western Canada and it’s a longtime dream to travel this place.





  1. Anke says

    Die Bilder sind wunderbar; man bekommt gleich Fernweh! Glückwunsch zum abgeschlossenen MOOC – super, dass du das durchgezogen hast. Für das Arbeitsvisum drücke ich auf jeden Fall weiterhin die Daumen und wünsche viel Spaß in Alberta!


  2. Stefan says

    Tolle Urlaubsimpressionen, danke fürs Teilen! Schön, dass du es dir gut gehen lässt – und schön, dass du noch so viel vorhast in Kanada.

    P.S.: Gibt’s die Klettereinführung der Québec Climbing Federation auch als MOOC? 😉


    • Martina says

      Hi Stefan,
      leider gibt’s die Klettereinführung noch nicht als MOOC (oder ich hab’s noch nicht entdeckt ;-).. Aber die Idee ist super!!


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