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Work(out) life

Since two month, my worklife is no longer the way I was used to. This is mainly due to the fact, that I still have to wait for my working visa. However, I do have a different sort of work routine each day.

This routine is mainly not intelllectually, but a physical work(out) in terms of sports: crosscountry skiing, yoga, volleyball and climbing. I was wondering, how my new work(out) life relates to my previous job and I wanted to compare it to then and now.

Working hours
I used to work a 40 hour week from monday to friday. Now, my work(out) time mainly begins after lunch (don’t like to work in the morning) until the evening. I often have 2 or 3 hours or more afternoon break in between.

The Workplaceclimbing shoes
I used to work  in a really old building, with cracks on the ceilings and with uneven floors, causing lots of back pain. At the moment, I have different workplaces (indoor as well as outside): The workplace can either be in the forest (crosscountry skiing), or in the heigths (climbing) or… how to describe: should be somewhere inside me?? (finding my inner balance during yoga).

I do have work(out) colleagues sometimes. Like in a real job situation, there are person, that I like more and some less. There are always those people who think they are the best . At crosscountry skiing, I can observe that by those super-sporty retired (!) men, who chase me in the slopes, until I let them overtake me…(and watch them falling, after they slide down a hill too fast *hehe*).
Or the super-ambitious yoga-practitioners who overstrech their ligaments (ouch!) to finally succeed with the hardest position, that only the teacher can do.
At the climbing wall, I meet mainly over-ambitious men-colleagues. Whoever wants to flex their muscels, can totally do it here. Compared to the yogis, they aren’t often flexible in stretching, so they try hard, to get higher with muscle strength only.
At work(out) I can meet also those types of colleagues, who let other people do their work. And honestly, I have to count myself to that group too. At volleyball for expample: I am scared that the ball hits me. Well, instead of showing commitment to my team, playing at position, I tend to do more “safe-positioning” far from the net and the ball :-S. Thats not my area of competence here.

Do I have goals at my workout, like at real work? Of course I do. Getting faster in the slopes (sorry grandfathers…), doing that damn yoga-dog-pose longer then 5 seconds (no overstretching!!) and climbing a route that even Jean-Nick is not able to do with his special muscle-only-strategy.

Problem-solving / Time Management
At real worklife, problem-solving, decision-making and persuasion is ordinary reality. Everybody has hard times getting up in the morning, especially on a grey and rainy day. Same for me: I have to motivate me to get out at -25 for my crosscountry skiing work(out). It’s not the crosscountry skiing. It is mainly the cold air, that raises doubts.
Compared to time pressure in real worklife, I have a time pressure by the weather. The nature-schedule is in my brain, telling me that there is only this month and maybe little bit in April to do crosscountry skiing. Okay, I won’t have to “finish” a project, but still something that I love to do.

For some, performance and success is measured by money or ranking, for some others by satisfaction of the expressed creative work. In the end, a number of factors are responsible to contribute to success.
Neither I earn money during my workout, nor am I highly creative by doing sports. But what about the goals? Okay if I can reach my goals (faster in the slopes, higher on the wall, stronger at yoga) I feel successfull at my work(out).
But the underlying truth is, that my work(out) in a physical way brings another kind of success: The well-being.
Basically I like to enjoy to move my body and get to know it a little better. I give into my body’s demands to be here in the present moment. May this phrase sounds a bit flat and weirdo-like, but success reflects in a completely different way right now.



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