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Happy days

I always enjoy to receive news and messages, regardless in which way. Nowadays, of course, via email, short text messages, phone or via post mail. However, the latter (means: letter) is rather unlikely.

Not often seen today: handwritten letters.

Not often seen today: handwritten letters.

This isn’t the case, when it comes to receive news from my former collegue and friend Anke. Yesterday I received a really cute, handwritten letter that made me excited like a small child, who wants to open a present. Certainly, here it’s a different feeling to receive letters, because the postman drops the letter directly through the door into our living room. After I read the lovely letter, I wanted to put the letter aside, as suddenly the happiness fell out of the envelope. She added some small cut hearts and a happy-sticker. I haven’t recognized it, when opening the letter first.

Well,  the “happiness” kept me busy those days: Just the day before receiving the letter, I enrolled to a online university course called “the science of happiness”. For longtime, I wanted to try out a MOOC* course and now I have plenty of time to get some further education.
I researched a lot on the course catalogue and I got inspired by that course. Actually it was more a movie, which inspired me: Two weeks ago, we watched “Hectors Reise” (Hector and the Search of Happiness). It is a really great movie about a guy who travels around the world to research happiness. I would recommend this movie to anybody.  It is really funny too!

With this in mind, I wish everybody a happy day!



*MOOC means “massive open online course” and it’s a online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. Taking part at a course is for free (unless you want to receive a verified certificate) and  it has a duration from 4-10 weeks. It’s a good way to keep on track studying at different subjects and receiving something valueable for the CV.
I can recommend two MOOC platforms:


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