My Place

First steps

At first light I got a glimpse of Rouyn-Noranda, the city where I live now. A brilliant blue sky with light-blue lines and shades of pink promised a beautiful day. And of course (as one might expected) masses of snow on the roofs, on the street… actually everywhere!!! This made me smile. Jet lagged, woken up too early at 6 am, but the first feeling was very promising. It was already dark outside, when we arrived in town the day before. The road through the endless forests was long and in time, it became cooler and darker. After a while, the monotonous landscape made me extremely tired. But this is where it starts to get exciting: A cat on the street… and what a huge cat! As we drove closer we knew at once, that this animal couldn’t be a normal cat: Longer legs, longer paws, pointed ears, longer ear tufts and the hips higher than shoulders. Yes, we saw a lynx!!! We were very surprised and excited about it.


I enjoyed my first snowshoe hike in the forest.

Back from the side-story, I want to share some impressions, after one week at my new home. It took me few days to get used to the different life. And even now, everything still feels new, but I’m slowly getting in the mood. It’s more a funny then frightening feeling, that this place gives me that sense of being away from it all. I think, this will change soon, but for now, it feels like this. Another impression makes me happy: Knowing, that this white wonderland outside my window, won’t melt within the next months. At the latest,  it’s time to get outdoors, put on some snow-shoes and prepare to protect from sub-zero temperatures. Temperatures of down to -25°C in the shade and below at night are simply part of the job here. Luckily I’m well equipped 😉 Within the first week, I made our home (but what can I say: here we an afford our own house!) more cosy and decorative. The large kitchen shouldn’t remain unused, so I started to test new recipes. I like the fact,  that here the fish is much cheaper than meat, so we instantly bought a huge piece of canadian salmon. It was delicious! There will be more soon…