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New year, new adventures

2015 is on: Cheers to a new year full of unkown adventures and challenges. I have a lot of stuff to cross off my bucket list, that I created for my trip to Canada.

I wrote down all the things that I would like to do. For some, nine month seems a long time, but I guess that once I found my daily routine, the time will pass in a flash. To stay focused on my activity-wishlist, I decided to write it down. It’s a cheerful mix of outdoor activities and sports, creativity ideas and just random things to try out.

Bucket List Canada

1 Snowshoeing on frozen lakes
2 Learning fluent french
3 Building a new website
4 Let my hair get really long
5 Start nordic skiing each day in winter
6 Visit Hawaii
7 Tie-dye in summer (with my malaysian colors)
8 Knitting a jacket
9 Travel to West-Canada
10 Sunbathing on the beach after a long winter
11 Sleeping in a cozy canadian chalet
12 Dogsledding 24h
13 Start doing yoga twice a week
14 Finding tranquiliy in the woods
15 Conoeing in Abitibi
16 Taking a coursera course
17 “Maverick of Love”
18 Photography
19 Reading all books from Jane Austen
20 Exploring forests and plants in the area
21 Spotting a moose in the woods
22 Rock climbing in summer 

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