Month: January 2015

Taste of summer

Last time at the supermarket, I recognized ingredients and products, that are not easy to find at home. So i tried to create a dessert with fresh fruit, almond milk and chia seeds, which brought a little summer feeling in the house. Of course – I almost put it on everything I cook – I added maple sirup and the pudding tastes a little bit sweeter. Now, I can’t wait to try it :)…

A special weekend

The last weekend was all about nature. We escaped in deep forests, just 1 hour’s drive from our house, to spend two days snowshoeing and enjoying time in the chalet. This might seem a bit clichéd, but it’s a trip that I wanted to do for long. After arriving at the national park “Parc National d’Aiguebelle” we immediately followed the 6 km path to the chalet. We have came just 200 m, as in the middle of the path, fallen trees blocked our way. Those trees couldn’t resist the heavy weight of the wet snow and ice. We didn’t have any other choice, to either crawl over or under several tree trunks, hoping that these annonying complications could soon be over. Far from it! It continued that way and took all our breath and energy.  Not forget to mention, that we both had to carry big backpacks. Walking through deep snow has not made the situation any easier. Anyway, we knew it would be worth it and we recognized it all the time: We strived through breathtaking landscapes, observed local plants and trees …

Ready to get wild

In couple of hours, we will make our way into the forest. We plan to spend the week-end in a small chalet, at the Parc National d’Aiguebelle. It’s a 1-hour drive to the entrance of the national parc. From there,  we will follow a 2-hour snowshoe trail, heading north along the lake. I can’t wait to feel the tranquility in the woods, and the cosy crackling of wood fire, that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, I wonder, what I should pack for couple of days in wilderness. Well, I would take my warmest clothes for outdoor activities, cooking equipment, headphones and my book. Of course, food is important too! So let’s try the “original” canadian Wiener Würstl :)) Bye for now…you will find me in the woods!  

Over hill and dale

A few days ago, I opened the secret box, filled with paper, tied together in rolls. I was really excited to read one of the first messages, that my friend gave me before leaving. Each time I will start to miss them, I should read one little message. I couldn’t wait any longer – and of course, I miss my friends a lot – so I read the first message: “Wir sind nicht perfekt.. Wir sind laut und kindisch, albern total viel rum und benehmen uns teilweise wie die Idioten. Aber wir machen es zusammen! Und das macht uns zu besten Freundinnen.” After I read this, I had to laugh, because it’s so like us! Thank you girls!      

The cotton plant

First sprouts of cotton

I really love to watch my cotton plant grow each day. I didn’t expected, that it comes to life so quickly. There is a little story behind that plant: I imported the cotton seeds from Germany as a “home-reminder” and my sister and a good friend of mine have the same. I gave the seeds to my sister, because she will move to the United States soon. I like to imagine her in her new homebase with the exact same plant growing like mine. Let’s see, which plant will blossom and will bear its first cotton.

First steps

At first light I got a glimpse of Rouyn-Noranda, the city where I live now. A brilliant blue sky with light-blue lines and shades of pink promised a beautiful day. And of course (as one might expected) masses of snow on the roofs, on the street… actually everywhere!!! This made me smile. Jet lagged, woken up too early at 6 am, but the first feeling was very promising. It was already dark outside, when we arrived in town the day before. The road through the endless forests was long and in time, it became cooler and darker. After a while, the monotonous landscape made me extremely tired. But this is where it starts to get exciting: A cat on the street… and what a huge cat! As we drove closer we knew at once, that this animal couldn’t be a normal cat: Longer legs, longer paws, pointed ears, longer ear tufts and the hips higher than shoulders. Yes, we saw a lynx!!! We were very surprised and excited about it. Back from the side-story, I …

The Algonquins

The Algonquin were the first settlers about 8,000 years ago. They comprise 9 First Nations who live in communities located in the Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions of Quebec with a population of about 11,000. Traditionally, the Algonquins were practitioners of “Midewiwin” (the right path). They believed they were surrounded by many “manitòk” or spirits in the natural world.

Lakes and rivers

The 22,000 lakes and rivers found in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Water, the only passageway for more than two hundred years, provided explorers the means to crisscross the region. Abitibi-Témiscamingue is two regions in one bonded by a watershed divide. On one side, water travels north to James Bay and on the other, it flows south and drains into the St. Lawrence River.

Nature and wildlife

From north to south, the region is a prefered habitat for the wildlife resources, inlcuding the moose, the North American beaver, the Grey wolf, the Canada lynx, the American black bear and lots of trout in the fish-rich waters. The region is great a setting for outdoor activities and sports, like fishing, hiking or canoeing.


Abitibi has more than 3,700 kilometers of trails for snowmobiling. It’s a lot of fun to spend some time on the white motorways around the region.