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Halfway across water

I want to be in Canada.  At least for a while. I gave this dream a voice and finally I felt prepared and proud to do so:  To join my french-canadian partner in life for a nine month trip to a remote city in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.

Currently I’m passing through the last preparations to set off to Canada. Those days, mixed feelings, but mostly inner joy travels with me already. And for course, thoughts about the upcoming next month are dominating: How is the city and the region? How long we have to drive? Is everything prepared? Will I feel home? Which activities can we do during wintertime? In fact, the future is now: My thoughts are “halfway across water”*  in Canada. I’m almost there and this expression describes it very good.

I am looking forward to have great time, to amazing travels, to face language challenges, to handle new projects and to share all this with the man I love.

*After my researches about the region I have recently discovered, that “Abitibi” is a word from the aboriginal Algonquin language means exactly that: “Halfway across water” (due to Lake Abitibi being located between the St. Lawrence River and the Hudson Bay). 

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